Housing For All in Ward 2


Right now, we have a housing crisis in Hamilton, especially in Ward 2. My plan is to make sure that housing in Ward 2 is affordable and accessible to everyone. 


  • Create more affordable housing

  • Create more housing for homeless through Housing First and other initiatives

  • Work with developers and community to ensure development is sustainable and community-centred

  • Reduce poverty through promoting living wage, expanding basic income, and working with provincial and federal levels to get better support for those under poverty line


Empower Ward 2 Residents to have a Real Voice


Many people in Ward 2 feel completely disconnected from decision-making in City Council. As City Councillor, I would create regular spaces online and in person for people to voice their concern and work together for solutions.


  • Hold regular town halls and social events for community groups

  • Create a monthly email newsletter for the ward

  • Represent Ward 2 in biweekly city council meetings & committees including:

    • Healthy and Safe Communities

    • General Issues

    • Planning

    • Light Rail Transit

    • Housing and Homelessness Advisory

    • Seniors Advisory

    • Keep Hamilton Clean and Green

    • Hamilton Status of Women

    • Advisory for Immigrants and Refugees

    • Advisory for Persons with Disabilities

    • Hamilton Aboriginal Advisory

    • Hess Village Community Liaison

    • Hess Village Pedestrian Mall Authority


Safety and Quality of Life


Ward 2 is Hamilton's densest and most walkable ward. But we still have work to do to make sure it is easy for all to move around safely, especially seniors and children.


  • Make real progress toward Vision Zero

  • Enhance a Walkable, cyclable downtown by developing more continuous bike paths east-west and north-south

  • Develop parks and green spaces

  • Expand community garden programs

  • Continue support and expansion of Beautiful Alleyways

  • Create more pedestrian streets

    • Also enforce/protect George Street pedestrian area


Improve Public Transit and Invest in Infrastructure


Big improvements in transit like the LRT are in progress. However, the HSR experiences a lot of cancellations and the public isn't getting much information on why this continues. Here are what I think are the top priorities for transit and infrastructure.


  • Ensure area rating funds go to infrastructure priorities -  through Participatory Budgeting or pooling funds for bigger projects (residents will be able to vote for their preferences)

  • Work on ways that LRT as it is being built can give back to the community through a variety of benefits

  • Reduce cancellations of HSR transit so that it is an attractive greener alternative

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